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Cloth Diapering Away From Home and On The Go!

Before I begin this post, let me say this: I only have one kid. Don’t hold me responsible for what I do once I have two children! I’m just hoping and praying my oldest daughter, India will be potty-learned before baby #2 is born this summer.

I cloth diaper away from home. Shocking, yes. Not every cloth diaper does this and I can understand. I normally don’t go longer than two days away from home in cloth diapers without access to laundry machines. I’m going to share with you today some tips and pointers for making it easy to cloth diaper away from home!

1. Get a good wetbag

(A wetbag is a bag with PUL lining, covered with fabric, which is closed by a zipper). No one wants a stinky poopy stinkin’ up their diaper bag. So, get a good wetbag that can, for the most part, hide any stank that would be trying to make itself known. Some people are cool with a plastic grocery bag, but I prefer something a little more reusable. I like Planet Wise wetbags as they are pretty fashionable!

2. Use a disposable liner

I’m not talking about a disposable insert (although those are great, too), but a disposable liner that easily lines a diaper and can be flushed or thrown out if soiled. If it’s just wet you can either save it to reuse it, wash it or toss it. With no potty sprayer nearby, disposable liners are the perfect accessory to cloth diapering away from home. Imse Vimse liners are my favorite and can be reused multiple times.

3. When in cloth, use cloth wipes

I use cloth wipes at home and I find it easier when using cloth diapers away from home, to use cloth wipes as well. Nothing easier than wiping off the baby, rolling it all up and tossing it in your wetbag. The few times I have used disposable wipes, I’ve found it hard to leave the baby on the changing table and go and toss the wipe because heaven forbid you to leave that thing with the dirty diaper and wash it! I will wet some wipes in a plastic bag so they’re all ready to go. Of course, I do have backup disposable wipes with as well for those, what I like to term, 6-wipers.

4. Use your most convenient diapers when out and about

I use prefolds almost exclusively at home, but when I’m spending the afternoon shopping, I have All-In-Ones and pockets (pre-stuffed) with. You want to make the change as quick and seamless as possible.

5. If needed, save the poop for at home

If your baby drops a dirty and you aren’t using a disposable liner or the disposable liner has failed you in some way, wrap the dirty diaper up and stick it in the wet bag, to be taken care of AS SOON as you get home. This is also a useful option when you don’t want your baby walking or crawling around the public restroom while you clean up. But, DO NOT forget about this soiled diaper for days on end…I may or may not speak from experience.