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How to Potty Train Your Baby Easily Step by Step

Potty training to your 2-3 old children can be seemed so stressful. But actually it can be done easily if you know when to start and what to do. If you think that your child is ready to wear off the diaper then you can start teaching him. Even a single mom can do it within a week without any help of others. You just need to be cunning enough to train your naughty kids. These simple steps will lead you to the whole process of potty training, by not creating it as a tug of war between you and your little child.

Easy Way to Potty Train Your Baby

  1. Introduce to Potty: Basically, potty training should start when your child is 1.5-2 years old. During this period you have to teach him properly what is the meaning of potty and talk about potty training around him. Keep a few children’s potty training books here and there in your house so that you can read it along with your child. Try to bring up this subject in your conversation in front of kids whenever possible. You have to make him mentally prepared for the training session before starting.  
  2. Set Up Training Time Carefully: Experts always recommend to avoid potty training during stressful situation like adding a new baby at home, going on a vacation, having a divorce etc. In this time even if your baby mentally prepared you will not be able to continue his training. And it is such a thing that if you couldn’t continue it kids will not learn it properly. Then you’ll face a frustrating situation. So, it needs to be done carefully. Again when your baby will truly ready he’ll start to potty on his own or give you signs.
  3. Start Training process: Some kids afraid to poop in the bathroom and also afraid of the sound of flush. In this case, you can buy an extra potty tool and keep it in your room. After finishing poop take it into the bathroom and clean. Always keep it in front of your babies eyes, so that he can understand whenever to potty he has to do in it. When he’ll get used to it take it into the bathroom and teach him to go to bathroom. In this way day by day he’ll be able to potty in the commode.
  4. Offer Praise and Small Rewards: At the time of potty training it is simple that accidents will occur and you have to admit it. But you can never punish your child for this. Rather always praise him when he does potty properly and give him rewards. Remember that, you can’t give him big things as reward because they avoid those things for which they are excessively rewarded. So, always give him small gifts.
  5. Teach Proper Hygiene: Another important thing is to teach your children the hygiene factor from their early childhood. If you can build up this habit in their early age it’ll last for their entire life. So, teach them to wash their hands after every potty time. It’ll help them to stay healthy.All the above steps are really very easy to teach your baby how to poop in the bathroom. If you can maintain properly you’ll be able to teach him within a week. So, don’t waste any time and start the training session asap.

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